Top Five SUVs Under 15 Lakh- Check All Details Here

Here’s the list of the top five SUVs under Rs 15 Lakh from which you can choose and get the maximum value for your money The Indian segment of SUVs has gained a lot of attention in the past few years and attracted a lot of customers. People get a large number of options in […]

Top Five Petrol Cars Under Rs 10 Lakh- Check All Details Here

Here’s the list of the top five petrol cars under Rs 10 Lakh from which you can choose and get the maximum value for your money. Most of the car buyers in India are always into buying budget cars and it’s much of a work for them as they are not sure which car would […]

2020 Nissan Magnite Pros and Cons – Video

Here are some 2020 Nissan Magnite Pros and Cons that you should know before you finalise your next purchase. The 2020 Nissan Magnite price starts from Rs 5.49 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The Nissan Magnite is one of the most talked-about cars in the compact SUV segment which also has rivals like the Ford Ecosport, Maruti […]

Upcoming Compact SUVs – Check These 3 New Rivals To Venue and Brezza

The demand for SUVs is rising and automakers are all set to use this opportunity to launch their new products in the market. As of now, we have three upcoming compact SUVs which will be launched soon. The sub-4M compact SUV segment is contributing considerable sales figures and is blooming with highly competent products like […]

Driving in Ghats – Top 5 Tips To Follow

Driving on the mountain roads is not simple. Follow these tips regarding driving in Ghats for a better and a safer drive. There is a noteworthy contrast between driving on normal roads and passing through Ghat streets. There are sure arrangements of unwritten standards that one needs to be familiar with when driving through the […]

Tyre Blowouts: A Guide To Handle And Prevent Tyre Bursts

It is very important to stay calm and not panic during tyre blowouts. If you act carefully, you can save yourself from any serious damage. During any highway trip, tyre blowouts are one of the biggest fears of a driver. A blowout is always dangerous, no matter how good a driver you are or how […]

Top 5 Cars That Discontinued Due To Emission Norms

The BS6 emission standards kicked in from 1st April 2020 and with this, a ton of makers have suspended their vehicles which couldn’t be upgraded to meet new standards. Here’s a rundown of top 5 cars that have been eliminated from the Indian market. Skoda OctaviaThe Skoda Octavia was in its third era as of […]

Understanding BS6 Norms

From 11st April 2020, India will absolutely adopt the stricter BS6 emission norms – a transition that can be termed as the largest technological bounce for the automotive sector. The shift, by skipping BS5, has now not handiest befell in record time – around three and a half of years – however additionally under outstanding […]

Car Care Guide: How To Sanitize Your Car

Car sanitization in today’s times is as important as ensuring regular scheduled maintenance of your car. The corona virus outbreak has become a genuine purpose for worry in the course of recent months, inciting the World Health Organization (WHO) to portray the sickness as a pandemic. And keeping in mind that the circumstance may be […]

Regular Maintenance: The Way to Fuss Free Car Ownership

In today’s time, automobiles are not just a piece of luxury but a necessity. Almost every second person today has at least one car in the family. Automobiles are a means of transportation for some, while for others, they may hold more importance as in many cases, the livelihoods of people are directly dependent on […]

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