Tata Nexon Electric SUV Owner Wants Company To Take The EV Back – Here’s Why

The Tata Nexon EV Is Currently The Highest Selling Electric Car In India

The Tata Nexon EV is one of the best-selling electric cars in India in 2023 and is known for its practical package and affordable price tag

The EV revolution in India is at its full pace and without a doubt, Tata is at the forefront the Indian automotive brand has managed to take the lead in this emerging space with the Tata Nexon EV being the highest-selling EV in the country. While they have been showing strong growth, it’s not all smooth sailing for Tata. As with any brand, along with satisfied customers, there come unsatisfied ones as well. One such case of an unsatisfied customer is Mumbai-based Carmelita Fernandes. Unsatisfied with her ownership experience, the Nexon owner took to Twitter on May 14th, demanding Tata take back the Nexon EV.

What Is The Major Problem With Tata Nexon EV?

The claimed Tata Nexon Prime EV range is 312 km on a single charge but Fernandes claims she has been getting much less than that. For this, she mentions her trip from Mumbai to Pune, which is 160 km long. Despite being almost half of the claimed range, she suffered a complete discharge on her way. What added fuel to the fire is the fact that the charging station en route didn’t work. Further, any attempt to connect with Tata’s Z Connect or their helpline numbers was a failure too.

This sudden decrease in range might be due to the steep incline of the Lonavala ghat which can significantly eat the battery while climbing. Even though this performance issue might be understandable, what isn’t is the inability to recharge the EV. This highlights not just the failure of Tata as a company but also the overall country’s lack of infrastructure to support technological advancement such as electric vehicles. Fernandes also mentions an issue with the battery, though the dealer swapped it under the warranty.

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Netizens React

As soon as the story caught the eyes of the people, netizens began to react with their opinion on the matter. Some of the reactions were comic while others showed skepticism in adopting EVs as a whole. One user writes,” The Japanese are right. We need Hybrids before we go full EV”. Another user wrote, “More reasons to wait before buying an EV”. Overall, it’s safe to say that the incidents like these definitely put a stain on the reputation of Tata as a manufacturer and EVs as a whole.

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Tata Remains The Largest Producer of EVs In India

Tata Motors have emerged as the country’s overall second-largest automaker and largest EV maker in India. Currently, Tata offers the EV versions of its Nexon compact-SUV, Tigor sedan, and Tiago EV hatchback with many other electric cars in the pipeline. Among these, the Nexon EV is currently the highest-selling EV in the country, and Tiago is the most affordable of them all. The Indian company is witnessing astonishing growth with each passing Financial Quarter. In the third quarter of the Financial year 2023, Tata sold a massive 12,596 EVs as against 5,826 units in the same quarter of the last FY. This is a staggering growth of 116.2 per cent.

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