New Car Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Car In The Market

Purchasing a vehicle is one of the most pivotal choices that we make. From searching for the correct structure, model, and highlights, to picking the correct adornments that make a vehicle the ideal fit for you and your family-there are various elements that become possibly the most important factor. Which is the best vehicle in the market? What is the best time to purchase a new vehicle? What are the vehicle accessories I need? What sort of vehicle protection do I need? These are only a couple of questions that spring up in the psyche of each vehicle purchaser. And we are hoping to answer all these questions and much more in this article, which is your perfect guide for purchasing a vehicle in India.

What vehicle should you purchase?

The primary arrangement of schoolwork that any vehicle purchaser needs to do is choosing the sort of vehicle they need to purchase. While there is no firm principle that can enable you to settle on this choice, there are straightforward arrangement of enquiries that you can pose to locate the most appropriate fit. From the size of the vehicle that you have to the recurrence of utilization of the vehicle, there are sure factors that decide the sort of vehicle you would need to purchase. If majority of your drives will be restricted to city, buying a small hatch is ideal, while a mid-size sedan too can do this role perfectly. If you drive more on the highways, a powerful sedan, premium hatchbacks and small SUVs are all that you need. If you like to explore the unknown roads too often, a full-size SUV will be the best bet. So basically, your choice of car should depend on your usage and not only on the aesthetics.

Why focus on the resale estimation of the vehicle?

There are two all inclusive realities about purchasing a vehicle that everybody needs to recollect. In the first place, vehicles are known to devalue resources and second, they will undoubtedly be overhauled in a couple of years. Contemplating these two variables, picking a brand that is known to have a decent resale worth is the brilliant approach forward. While there is no solid method for realizing the precise resale estimation of a vehicle, investigating the normal resale estimation of the brands you are thinking about will enable you to arrive at the agreement. Understanding resale values is easy, the cars which sell well fetch more value in the used car market. Also, make sure that the car that you like does not have reliability issues, which can be found on the internet and automotive forums. Before you book your desired car, search the internet, talk to mechanics, talk to the existing owners and spend some time knowing about that particular car. This will help you take better decisions.

Diesel or Petrol powered vehicle?

The discussion around the better fuel for your vehicle has been endless. While there was at one time a huge contrast between the fuel costs of diesel and gasoline, it has now diminished essentially to an insignificant INR 10 hole. Be that as it may, choosing the right engine is not that hard. Diesel engines have a significantly higher service costs but are at the same time more efficient. The petrols on the other hand, are easy to maintain but expensive to run. If your annual running is less than 13-15,000 kms a year, going for a petrol car is the best choice while for anything over 15 thousand kms, a diesel car makes sense. Also, if you hit the highway too often, a diesel car may be the right thing which you are looking for.

Always make sure that your new car meets all your requirements

What security equipment should a vehicle have?

Another vital deciding element while picking any vehicle must be the security includes that it brags of. While the Indian government has been making the well being standards progressively stringent for bikes and four-wheelers, there are different variables that you have to check thoroughly. At the bare minimum level, your vehicle should have atleast two airbags, ABS, EBD, seat-belt reminders and invert leaving sensors, as a major aspect of standard hardware. Ensure you check for extra security highlights like Electronic Stability Control (applies brakes on individual haggles better control), Autonomous Emergency Braking and Steering, additional airbags, speed warning system, Lane Watch Assist, etc.

What are your requirements?

Before you start your research, always pen down your requirements. While some poeople just need bare-basic equipment, the others may be looking for a feature rich car. Hence, it will be helpful for you to short-list the right contenders before you finalise any one of them.

Sales and Service Network

Before buying a car, make sure that the particular brand has enough after sales support which will not only help you take care of your car more easily, but will also prevent you from any added trouble if in case your car needs any major repairs or anything of that sorts.

Always Take Test Drives Before you Book your car.

Happy Motoring!

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