Regular Maintenance: The Way to Fuss Free Car Ownership

In today’s time, automobiles are not just a piece of luxury but a necessity. Almost every second person today has at least one car in the family. Automobiles are a means of transportation for some, while for others, they may hold more importance as in many cases, the livelihoods of people are directly dependent on these. For others, it is the best way to enjoy the many beautiful sights and experiences the world has to offer. Whatever is the reason, automobiles are here to stay and these play an important role in the overall development of the human race.

However, in our busy schedules, we somehow forget to take care of these extremely important things and end up hampering the reliability of the automobiles that we own. Since our lives are directly connected to the automobiles, it is important to maintain out vehicles in top-notch condition so as to prevent and inconvenience and also help keep our environment clean. A bad vehicle is not only a burden on your wallet but is also toxic to the environment.

Importance of Car Maintenance:

Although there are a majority of reasons why you should employ basic car maintenance, we have listed some of the primary reasons for you:

  • Improves safety:
    Making a comprehensive car maintenance checklist can help your vehicle stay healthy and run more efficiently. However, more importantly, you to ensure that critical components of the car are working fine and nothing serviced at regular periods, as mentioned in the car’s manual. Safety equipment not only helps in preventing accidents but are also helpful in keeping the occupants safe during a crash. Although this may not directly decrease the chances of road accidents, but maybe a major contributing factor in keeping you safe in all situations.
  • Enhances reliability and performance:
    Our automobiles have hundreds of mechanical parts which undergo wear and tear during operations. By performing regular maintenance checks, you can ensure maximum efficiency of these parts and also inspect for any damaged part, which in the longer run can cause damage to your vehicle. Another advantage of this is the fact that you will be confident about your car’s health and will be never doubtful while taking it out into the unexplored regions. Proper functioning parts can also help you boost your vehicle’s performance as everything will be in its prime working condition.
  • Saves you expensive repair costs:
    If you follow the regular maintenance schedules, chances of any major breakdown will be minimal. This not only prevents you from getting struck on the road but also prevents any major damage to your car, which can be really expensive to repair. It is also important to use genuine OE replacement parts to replace the worn our parts of your car. Original parts not only give you the best performance and efficiency, but also last long.
  • Higher resale value:
    A well maintained car not only drives well but also fetches more resale value when you go out to sell it. A car which is maintained well ages well, due to which the wear and tear of the parts is minimal and every component works in the correct manner.
  • Leads to a cleaner environment:
    Your car will run much more efficiently and smoothly if all the components are in the top notch condition. A well maintained engine not only performs exceptionally well, but also pollutes less. A poorly maintained engine will have worn out seals, clogged injectors, poor air supply and a number of other issues due to which it will not perform to its fullest as the fuel mixture will not be burnt properly. This will not only result in lower power production but will also lead to higher smoke emissions by the engine.

What Does Your Car Needs From You?

As we promised in the start, we bring you the checklist that you should follow when it comes to your car’s regular maintenance.

    1. Inspect you car everyday before cranking the engine:
      Once you have read the car’s owner’s manual, you will have all the basic information about each part of your car. Everyday in the morning, spend some time with your beloved beauty and see for any unnatural signs of wear and tear, any abnormal noises or anything else which isn’t normal. Also inspect if all the electrical and other components are working fine, such as the brake lamps, turn signal lamps, headlights, etc. Additionally, have a look at the engine bay and see for any signs of leakage, oil levels, coolant level or any other damage to any kind of pipes or wiring. This will not only make you aware about the condition of all the components of the car, but you will be able to asses when you need to take your car to the mechanic.
    2. Check for any warning light indicators:
      Right after you have cranked your engine, briefly look at the instrument cluster of your car. If there is any problem with your car, chances are that the onboard computer will show the malfunctioning error on the cluster. It is also important that you read about all the warning lights in the car’s manual so that you can recognize what warning is being displayed on the cluster.
    3. Wheels are tyres:
      Check tyre pressure and thread depth every week. This will not only increase your tyres life and increase the fuel efficiency of your car, but will also make you aware about any uneven thread wear, if any. Uneven thread wear indicates poor alignment, damaged suspension parts, or worn out parts. Additionally, follow tyre rotation schedule every 5-6 thousand kms.
    4. Follow regular Service schedules:
      Service at regular intervals is most important part of car maintenance. The owner manual of your car will have all the details regarding regular service schedules which your should follow. A periodic service involves engine oil change, air filter cleaning/replacement, coolant top-up/replacement, brake oil top-up/ replacement along with brake bleeding, and other checks and replacements which the mechanics will take care of. Regular oil changes will ensure that your car’s engine ages well and prevent any irregular wear and tear.
    5. Inspect your car’s wipers regularly.

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