Top 5 Honda CB350RS Pros That Make It Better Than Other 350cc Bikes!

The Honda CB350RS is currently one of the best looking premium 350cc offerings in the market and boasts a commendable performance in addition to high-quality levels and a super-refined motor. With rivals like the Royal Enfield Classic 350 and the Benelli Imperiale 400, the CB350RS faces stiff competition but it is its VFM pricing and a practical package that makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a no-nonsense premium bike. Here are the top 5 Honda CB350RS pros that make it better than other 350cc bikes. But before we begin, do not forget to follow us on Instagram.

Honda CB350RS Engine Refinement And Performance

The CB350RS gets a 348.36cc motor that produces 20.7hp and 30Nm of peak torque output. This motor not only offers a commendable performance, but also pioneers in the refinement and NVH levels. Compare it to any of its 350cc rivals and you will appreciate the refinement levels on offer with this motor. The icing on the cake? The super impressive exhaust sound!

Honda CB350RS Fuel Economy

It is a long-known fact that BigWing is offering tall gears with its CB350 series. While it might take a slight toll on the city driveability, but it has surely improved the highway performance and fuel economy figures. Anyone with a not so aggressive riding style will be easily able to extract over 38-40 kmpl from this motorcycle, which in my opinion, is super impressive.

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Honda CB350RS Design

Right from the first day itself, I have been a big fan of the CN350RS’s styling and I guess most of you too would like the way the bikes looks. The brand has worked impressively well to make it look not only attractive but also a lot more exclusive when compared to the CB350 H’Ness. The retro-cafe racer theme does make it look appealing and has the ability to grab a lot of eyeballs while out on the roads, all thanks to a stronger road presence that you will not find

Honda CB350RS Quality

Honda bikes are always appreciated for the high quality and fit-finish levels and the Honda CB350RS is no different. Unlike many of its main rivals, the CB350RS boasts a more premium and well-built package. As a buyer, you won’t find any rough corners and all the wires too have been concealed really well. The paint quality is great and maintaining the bike, in the long run, should not be an issue.

Honda CB350RS Comfort and Suspension

Based on a Half Duplex Cradle frame type, the CB350RS gets telescopic suspension at the front while a twin-hydraulic suspension setup is seen at the rear. The ride-handling balance is almost perfect and one of the best in the segment. The new seat that CB350RS gets not only offers better comfort but is also a lot more comfortable for the pillion. In all, the suspension setup and the comfort levels on offer make the CB350RS a great companion for those long highway journeys.

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