YAMAHA FZ-X Pros And Cons – A Bike Full Of Surprises

The Yamaha FZ-X was launched in the Indian market in June 2021 and is one of its kind bike in the 150 cc segment. Here are top Yamaha FZ-X pros and cons that you should check out before you buy this bike.

The Yamaha FZ-X features a neo-retro exterior design language which gives it a strong road presence. The bike is available in three different colour options while the Yamaha FZ-X price starts from INR 1.17 lakh (ex-showroom). Before we begin with the Yamaha FZ-X pros and cons, do not forget to join our exclusive AutoHunters Auto Enthusiasts Whatsapp Group (Click here to join) to be a part of interesting automotive discussions.


1. Refined Engines and Impressive Power Delivery

Just like any other Yamaha bike, the FZ-X too boasts impressive engine refinement and NVH levels. In addition to this, the overall power delivery makes the Yamaha FZ-X a great bike for urban usage. There are no harsh vibrations observed, even when the vehicle is pushed hard.

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2. Exclusive Looks

The Yamaha FZ-X features a neo-retro design language with a naked scrambler look which makes it an extremely unique and different bike in the 150 cc segment. The bike does have a strong road presence and the round headlamps complement the overall character of the bike.

3. Quality and Fit and Finish Levels

The fit and finish levels of the Yamaha FZ-X are top-notch and so is the quality of the various parts and components. The wires and the cables are well secured and the panels too are well put together.

4. Comfortable Ride Experience

The overall suspension setup makes the Yamaha FZ-X an extremely comfortable bike. The suspension takes care of bad roads and potholes while the seat too is comfortable and wide enough to provide enough support for the grown-up adults. The seating position too is upright, hence improving the comfort levels even more.

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5. Handling and Grip

Despite having a comfortable suspension, the Yamaha FZ-X also gets sorted dynamics and boasts impressive handling. The wide dual-purpose tyres offer good grip levels and the riding enthusiasts will definitely love to push this bike in the corners.


1. Underpowered

The Yamaha FZ-X is powered by a 150 cc motor which does not boast very high power and torque output. When compared to the rivals, the outright performance and acceleration offered by the Yahama FZ-X is not very impressive and the bike does feel a little underpowered. However, you will not complain about the performance while using the bike in urban traffic.

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2. Cost Cutting

Despite costing INR 1.17 lakh (ex-showroom), the Yahama FZ-X feels built on a budget and the brand has cut corners in many places to save some extra pennies. To start with, a hinged fuel filler cap is missing and so is a proper glass covering for the front headlights.

3. Looks

While I personally like the looks of the Yamaha FZ-X, there are still many others who are not appreciating the overall design language of the bike. The bike does look a little out of proportions from a few angles but in all, the Yamaha FZ-X remains a handsome-looking bike with sorted looks and a great engine.

These were the top Yamaha FZ-X pros and cons in our opinion. What do you think about the bike? Do let us know in the comments box below. Also, join our exclusive AutoHunters Auto Enthusiasts Whatsapp Group (click via mobile to join) to be a part of interesting automotive discussions.

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