Are Scooters Good For Long Distance? Here Is What You Should Know!

A number of powerful and capable scooters are now available in the Indian market that are good for long distance travel in India.

Scooters are now slowly getting extremely popular in the Indian market and we saw a number of brands launch highly competent scooters in India like the TVS Ntorq, Aprilia SXR 160 and the Yamaha Aerox 155. Having said this, we daily encounter a lot of riders wanting to know are scooters good for long distance? Here is everything that you should know about it.

Are scooters good for long distance?

  • Boot Space – Almost all the scooters offer a spacious compartment to store small items beneath the seat which makes them practical for long-distance travel. In addition to this, these compartments are waterproof and will be helpful in keeping your gadgets and money safe in case of rain.
  • More Leg Space – The leg space offered by the scooters is much better than that of bikes and not only are you more comfortable sitting on the scooter but in addition to this also offers additional space for the rider to keep stuff including bags, and more.
  • Easy To Ride – Most of the scooters on sale today are automatic and are extremely easy to operate. This makes them extremely stress-free to ride inside the city and on the highway. The rider hence is a lot less fatigued while riding a scooter for long durations.
  • Comfortable Sitting Posture – Many of you will definitely agree with me here that many of the scooters offer a more comfortable and subtle riding position that helps the rider stay comfortable and fatigue-free for long hours. Additional a proper floorboard further helps the rider find a place to comfortably keep his/her feet.
  • Lots Of Powerful And Capable Scooters On Sale – The technology has improved many folds in recent times and the buyers now have an option to buy powerful, well-built, and capable scooters that are extremely good for long-distance riding. For those wondering, scooters like the Yamaha Aerox 155, Aprilia SXR 160, TVS NTorq, and Aprilia SR 160 are some of the best scooters for long distance travel in India.

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Why scooters may not be the best choice for long distance –

  • Small Tyres And Limited Suspension Travel – Most of the scooters today are fitted with small tyres that are not the best for highway speeds. In addition to this, the suspension setup too is tuned for better city performance and the dynamics at higher speeds may not be as great when compared to the bikes. Furthermore, poor ground clearance makes them less suitable for extremely bad roads.
  • Smaller Engines And Passive Cooling – Scooters are offered with small engines that are placed inside a closed compartment. A smaller engine has to work a lot more at higher speeds and might heat up after some time. The passive air-cooling may sometimes fail to keep the temperatures in check. I personally recommend you to take breaks at regular intervals to let the engine cool down.
  • Not So Comfortable Seats – While the riding position of a scooter is great, the seats may not be accommodating and comfortable. This makes them less comfortable when compared to the bikes. However, I have personally seen a lot of scooters offering better seats than many bikes.
  • Small Fuel Tank – Unlike the bikes, most of the scooters have a smaller fuel tank that takes a toll on the overall range on a single tank of fuel. While it is not an issue for those using scooters for city commute, those travelling on the highways will have to carefully plan the fuel stops.
  • Not So Great Fuel Economy- Smaller engines and less power when compared to the bikes make the scooters less fuel-efficient at higher speeds. Most of the powerful scooters return a mileage of around 35-40kmpl at highway speeds.

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Our Verdict

While the modern scooters are now getting more and more capable, many of the scooters still are not very good alternatives for long-distance travel. Except for a few scooters like the Yamaha Aerox 155 or the Aprilia SXR 160, most of the scooters are designed to offer a great package to those looking for practical, VFM, and affordable city commuter in the market. The scooters have their own limitations and may not be the best companion for frequent long-distance commutes. If you too will be hitting the highway very often, I would advise you to consider buying some powerful and dynamically sorted motorbike. However, the new performance-oriented and powerful maxi-style scooters can be a great choice for those long highway journeys.

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