Toyota Fortuner-Rivalling MG Gloster Black Storm Launched In India – Gets New Features And Styling Updates

Morris Garages has launched the new MG Gloster Black Storm Edition, with a starting price of 40.29 Lakh INR (ex-showroom). The internal peripherals have received enhancements and upgrades, with the appearance being changed to a red and black thematic design for both the interior and exterior to demarcate a modicum of exclusivity and change.

  1. The Amalgamation of Red and Black Accents / Elements
  2. New Luxuries; Advanced Safety; Upgraded Features;
  3. State-of-the-Art Technology Inspiring Control and Safety

2023 MG Gloster Black Storm Launched In India

A Wholly New Appearance Gets Added to the Gloster’s Roster

MG has opted to jump aboard the bandwagon (or SUV, in this case), introducing a shiny black grille, and front and rear skid plates to the regular edition. The proportions remain identical to the regular edition, though. This does not take away any merit from the fact that two paint options have been added to this car’s roster particularly Metal Black and Metal Ash. While the headlamps, bumpers, and wing mirrors have been adorned with red inserts, the other components have been refurbished as well, having been painted with red accents and black elements, specifically, the alloy wheels, lamp housings, and window trimming.

For the interior, we have a spacious cabin graciously decorated with pure black leather upholstery, showcasing tasteful red stitching. To truly enhance the value of what’s inside, there is a panoramic sunroof, ambient lighting, and a premium sound system. The cherry on top, with context to the interior design, is the highlighting of emblems such as 2WD, 4WD, New Gloster, and Internet Inside in metal black and metal ash colours. This addition adds a sophisticated air to the machine as a whole, making the experience of sitting at the wheel immensely memorable.

The Engine, The Car, and The Performance

The 2023 MG Gloster Black Storm is offered with a 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel engine. This engine churns out 158.5 kW of power, flexibly appropriate for most terrains wherein it also gets seven driving modes – ‘Snow’, ‘Mud’, ‘Sand’, ‘Eco’, ‘Sport’, ‘Normal’ and ‘Rock’. It is said to prosvide unmatched control and distribution over the massive torque that it generates, thus offering peerless performance over all surfaces and conditions. MG’s signature “ruggedness” isn’t lost on this car either, which looks equally comfortable and secure. The gear shifts are seamless and consistent owing to the 8-speed automatic transmission.

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Safety Remains a Priority; Hence the Tech; Hence the Electronics

This car is a host to a multitude of features, particularly adaptive cruise control, assistance with lane keeping, and a failsafe emergency braking system, making sure that the driver feels rightly secure. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is carried over to this car as well, present in other Gloster models, which in turn points to the fact that the regular Gloster is receiving an 8 Seat variant.

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