Modified Toyota Hilux [VIDEO] With First In India Mods By Azad 4X4

The Hilux pick-up truck was recently re-launched in the country by the brand and these first in India modifications give it a completely new identity

The Toyota Hilux was introduced in the country for the first time last year and ever since then, attracted a lot of interest among buyers looking for a reliable and powerful pick-up vehicle. The brand recently re-introduced the new Hilux in the country and a number of these are now already seen on the roads. Having said this, the Hilux also became one of the highest-modified 4X4 vehicles in the country after the Mahindra Thar and the Isuzu V-Cross. Here is one such modified Toyota Hilux with many of first-in-India modifications that you should check out.

Modified 2023 Toyota Hilux

To start with, it is worth mentioning the fact that this new Hilux has been modified by AZAD 4X4. For hardcore 4X4 and off-roading enthusiasts in the country, Azad 4X4 is a familiar name and is known for its unique, high-quality, and practical modifications. The Ghaziabad-based modification house has previously worked on a number of modifications and projects and regularly comes with first-in-India accessories, projects, and modifications.

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Speaking of this modified 2023 Toyota Hilux, the modifications include Option off-road bumpers, auxiliary lights, tow shackles, fuel alloy wheels, Option side steps, black-body kit, Option roll bar, fender mirror, underbody protection kits, new ORVMs, custom bed liner and power operated boot liner. A number of other modifications are also offered inside the cabin.

Having said this, Azad 4X4 also offers a number of other modification options for the buyers and the users of the Hilux looking for customising their vehicles based on their individual needs and requirements. For all the details and modification options, the interested buyers can contact team AZAD 4X4. Do watch the video for all the details about this modified Toyota Hilux.

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