YAMAHA Aerox 155 Pros And Cons – The Ultimate Performance Scooter?

The Yamaha Aerox 155 rivals other performance scooters like the Aprilia SXR 160 in the Indian market but is currently one of the fastest scooters in India.

The Yamaha Aerox 155 is currently one of the fastest performance scooters and is priced from Rs 1.36 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). With many other higher competent rivals already in the market, the Aeroz 155 faces stiff competition in India. If you are also planning to buy a new performance scooter, chances are high that you would already be considering the Yamaha Aerox 155. Here are the top YAMAHA Aerox 155 pros and cons that you should know before you go ahead with your purchase.

YAMAHA Aerox 155 Pros

  1. Powerful And Refined Engine

Powering the Yamaha Aerox 155 is a 155 cc engine that churns out 15 Ps and 13.9 Nm of peak torque output. We see the same engine in the more expensive bikes like the YAMAHA R15 and the MT15, in a higher state of tune of course. For starters, you will appreciate the strong top-end from this motor. The high-speed performance too is great and doing 100kmph whole day wont be an issue for most of us.

  1. High-Speed Stability And Dynamics

The suspension setup has been well calibrated to not only absorb the bad roads, but also provide the Aerox 155 with strong dynamics. The high speed stability is great and the scooter stays under control at highway speeds. The grip too is impressive. However, the ride quality is not the best in the segment, more on that later.

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  1. Looks And Road Presence

The Yamaha Aerox 155 is a maxi-style scooter and boasts an impressive and a strong design that helps it offer a massive road presence. Sharp design cues, attractive graphics, a bold front fascia and unique colour combinations make the Aerox 155 look better than the Aprilia SXR 160. Icing on the cake? The limited edition theme based iterations of the Aerox 155 that the brand introduces in the market.

  1. Features

Right from a digital console to Bluetooth connectivity, the Yamaha Aerox 155 is offered with a long list of features that make it an extremely VFM product in the market. Othe intelligent features and safety tech are also offered with the scooter that make it even better when compared to the rivals.

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  1. Under-Seat Storage

With a rated YAMAHA Aerox 155 boot space of 24.5L, the usable space is more than enough to keep the users happy. To start with, not only will you be able to keep a full-size helmet in the under-seat storage box, but you also get enough space to keep other small items like gloves, power bank, etc.

YAMAHA Aerox 155 Cons

  1. Stiff Suspension

The Aerox 155 is offered with an excellent suspension setup that is tuned in favour of better dynamics. This takes a toll on the ride quality of the scooter and many users might find the suspension to be on the stiffer side.

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  1. Poor Leg Room

The fuel-tank takes up the leg space and the users may not be very comfortable with the compromised sitting position. The placement of the fuel tank in this way however makes it easy for the users to refuel the scooter without getting off it.

  1. Not So Fuel Efficient

While we all were impressed by the performance of the Yamaha Aerox 155, the fuel economy is definitely not the best in the segment and some of the rivals will go easy on your wallets. In real-life usage, do not expect anything above 40 kmpl from this maxi-styled scooter while the fuel economy figures will be even lower if you are hard on the throttle.

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