BS6 Deadline Extended By SC; Gives Marginal Relief To Auto Companies

The Supreme Court has ruled that due to the ongoing pandemic, car automobile manufacturers will be given a sigh of relief and they will be allowed to sell their vehicles from April 15 to April 24 as the BS6 Deadline has been extended.

The Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) looked for change of the Supreme Court’s October 24, 2018 request that disallowed deal and registration of BS4 consistent vehicles from April 1, 2020 locating the continuous pandemic that has caused a lockdown in the nation. FADA speaks to more than 26,000 showrooms and dealerships across the country. Subsequently, the deadline for the any manufacturers to sell BS4 vehicles has been now fixed to April 25. However, it is worth noting that this decision by the Supreme court comes with its very own catch.

BS6 SC Ruling

The supreme court has decided that because of the ongoing pandemic, car automobile manufacturers will be given a relief of alleviation and they will be permitted to offer their vehicles for sale from April 15 to April 24. These dates have been offered because of the progressing lockdown period which will go on till April 14. Along these lines, they will be allowed an additional 10 days to sell their BS4 stock. The greatest catch in the announcement is that the organizations might be permitted to sell 10% of their basic stock. Likewise the organizations can’t sell any of their BS4 stock in the Delhi NCR locale even in the expansion time frame.

BS4 Cars Unsold

There are some huge estimations about automobile manufacturers that have some unsold stock left with them. There are around 7 lakh vehicles that incorporate four wheelers, bikes and commercial vehicles that are unsold. The absolute assessed worth of these vehicles is said to be 6,400 crore. This will be a tremendous misfortune for the automobile industry. Most producers are required to send out these vehicles to nations like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh where they would even now meet with the emissions norms.

BS6 Deadline Extended

– More than 7 lakh BS4 two-, four-wheelers and trucks worth approximately Rs 6,400 crore remain unsold

– Supreme Court allows FADA to sell these BS4 vehicles from April 15 to April 24, as there is a nationwide lockdown till April 14

– Original deadline to complete sale and registration of BS4 vehicles was March 31, with only BS6 vehicles to be sold from April 1

– SC also allows the same extension for BS4 vehicles which were sold but remained unregistered due to lockdown

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