Top 5 Things We Know About 2024 Toyota Fortuner

Toyota will launch the next-generation Fortuner SUV likely in mid-2024 with a Hybrid engine and a new aggressive design language

Over the years, Toyota Fortuner has established itself as the quintessential SUV in the Indian car market. Its macho looks, enormous road presence and bulletproof reliability make it a popular choice among SUV lovers. Be it an off-road adventure or a family trip, the Fortuner does it all and it does it with style. In almost a decade and a half of its presence in the Indian car market, the SUV has gone through several revisions. Having said this, the Japanese carmaker is now gearing up to launch the new-gen 2024 Toyota Fortuner in India in a completely new avatar next year. Here are the 5 things we know about the 2024 Toyota Fortuner.

  • Likely Based Toyota’s TNGA-F Platform
  • Styling Inspired By Tundra Pick-up Truck
  • New Toyota Fortuner Mild-Hybrid Version Confirmed

2024 Toyota Fortuner New-Gen: Top 5 Things

  1. New TNGA-F Platform

Unlike the current-gen Fortuner, which is based on Toyota’s IMV platform, the 2024 Fortuner will be based on Toyota’s TNGA-F platform. This is the same platform which is shared by legendary SUVs like Toyota Land Cruise 300 and Lexus LX500d. It is a radical shift, as the IMV platform is meant for emerging markets, underpinning value-oriented vehicles like the Hilux pickup truck and Innova MPV. In contrast, the TNGA-F platform features the latest and greatest innovation from Toyota, serving as a base for its flagship products.

  1. Aggressive Styling

When the 2017 Toyota Fortuner was launched in India, it received some severe criticism from the Fortuner purists for changing its rugged and boxy design in favour of a curvier look. But the upcoming 2024 Toyota Fortuner is going back to its roots and beyond when it comes to styling. The SUV reportedly borrows a lot of its looks from Toyota’s flagship full-size pickup, the Tundra. The recently leaked pictures of Toyota’s TRD Pro variant might give a good glimpse into what to expect from the upcoming 2024 Toyota Fortuner SUV.

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  1. Option for a Hybrid Engine

It is no secret to anyone that Toyota is taking its alternate fuel ambitions seriously, expanding the portfolio of electric and hybrid vehicles. In an interview, Leon Theron, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Toyota South Africa confirmed the possibility of a mild-hybrid engine for the 2024 Fortuner and Hilux. It is likely that this engine would be a hybridized version of the 2.8-litre diesel engine that currently powers the ladder frame SUV. Earlier this year, the Japanese automotive giant displayed a BEV variant of the popular Hilux pickup truck at its Carbon Neutrality Summit. While a similar fully electric variant of the 2024 Toyota Fortuner is unlikely, a Hybrid version is definitely on the Table.

  1. Features

Even though the Fortuner rules the premium SUV segment in India, there is no denying the fact that the seven-seater SUV has somewhat trailed behind its competition when it comes to features. But this might change as the upcoming 2024 Toyota Fortuner is likely based on the more upmarket TNGF-A platform of Toyota that underpins its flagship products. This means that the SUV might see a significant increase in terms of features available to the buyers. While there are no official words on the feature list, it is speculated that the upcoming Fortuner will pack goodies like an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, lane departure, automatic parking assist, forward collision warning, blind spot detection, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system and an electronic steering wheel replacing the hydraulic ones found in the current model.

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  1. Bump in price

With an upgrade in platform, design and features, it is expected that the upcoming 2024 Toyota Fortuner will likely be more expensive than the outgoing model. Once again, there are no official statements on the pricing of the SUV but one can speculate that all these upgrades would cost a premium. This is especially true for the Hybrid variants as the cost of manufacturing is significantly more than an ICE engine. The price for the current model starts at Rs 32 Lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) and goes up to a whopping 50 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) for the range-topping 4×4 automatic GR variant.

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