MG Hector Resale Value Is As High As 95% – Owner Upgrades to Hector+

The MG Hector resale value happens to be one of the highest in the segment as per recent reports. This was proved recently when a customer gets a resale value of 95% of the original cost of the vehicle.

The MG Hector was the first car to be launched in India by the brand and soon after the launch, the Hector became one of the best selling SUVs in the segment. With rivals likes the Tata Harrier, Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, and Jeep Compass, the MG Hector faced tough competition in the segment but still brought huge success to the brand because of its VFM pricing and a feature-rich package. Having said that, the MG Hector also enjoys high resale value. The MG Hector’s resale value is considered to be one of the best in the segment. But before we begin with the story, do not forget to join our exclusive AutoHunters Auto Enthusiasts Whatsapp group (click here to join the group) to be a part of interesting automotive discussions.

MG launched the updated models of the Hector a few months ago in the market and the existing customers are looking to upgrade their vehicles to cars like the new Hector facelift and the more premium Hector plus. Having said that, one of the existing customers of 2020 Hector went ahead with his decision to replace the car with the new Hector Plus 1.5-L DCT Sharp BS6 variant and received a final resale price of Rs 15.60 lakh, which is almost 95% of the original ex-showroom value of the vehicle. More details can be seen in the picture attached below.

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The resale value of the MG Hector is impressive and the owner received a great deal while opting for the new Hector. In addition to this, the MG Hector Plus also offers a more comfortable and premium cabin when compared to the outgoing model. Currently, three different engine options are available with the Hector which include 1.5-L 143 hp turbo petrol, 1.5-L 243 hp turbo hybrid petrol and a mighty 170 hp 2.0-L diesel engine. These engines can be had with manual as well as automatic gearboxes.

MG Hector Resale Value 95%

– 2020 MG Hector gets 95% resale value of his car when compared to original ex-showroom value

– Plans to upgrade to Hector Plus 6-Seater

– MG Hector enjoys one of the best resale value in the market.

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