Hyundai Venue Alloy Wheels – Check Out Top 5 Best Alloy Wheel Designs!

The new Hyundai Venue is one of the best selling cars in the segment and has impressed us with its looks and VFM pricing. Having said that, here is a list of top five Hyundai Venue alloy wheels that you should definitely check out.

Ever since the launch, the new Hyundai Venue is regularly seen in the list of top-selling cars in the country. The car can be had with a number of engine options and is offered with an extensive features list. If you also own one of these or are planning to buy a new one soon, here are a few Hyundai Venue alloy wheels which go well with the overall character of the car.

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1. 16-Inch VR Racing Wheels – By Chakra Wheels

These 16-inch multispoke wheels finished in a dual-tone colour not only look premium and attractive but also compliment the overall look of the car. These rims are wrapped in Michelin Primacy rubber and look smart and elegant.

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2. 16-Inch Dual-Tone Wheels – By Velocity Tyres

If you are looking for something which looks more subtle and yet make the vehicle look sporty and appealing, then you should definitely check out these 16-inch dual-tone wheels by Velocity tyres. These are wrapped in Apollo tyres and the brake callipers in addition to the rear drums have been painted to red colour. The long term maintenance of these wheels too should not be a cause of concern as these are easy to clean.

3. 16-Inch Hyper Silver Multispoke Wheels – By Monga Tyres

These multi-spoke wheels not only look great but the overall design and the hyper silver finish makes them look elegant and sophisticated. The multispoke design looks great but can be a major hassle in terms of long-term maintenance. 16-inch size, however, makes these extremely practical for long term usage.

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4. 17-Inch HS X2-031 Star Shaped Tyres – By Mercury Tyres

Five-spoke star-shaped design has always been one of my personal favourite designs in the aftermarket alloy wheel options and these ones too are no different. The silver finish goes well with the overall design and these five-spoke wheels look extremely elegant and exclusive. The large size and low-profile tyres make them stand apart from the competition.

5. 17-Inch Diamond-Cut Gloss-Black Wheels – By Monga Tyres

Looking for something flashy and distinct? If yes, then these wheels are definitely for you. These 17-inch wheels look premium and contrast well with the white body colour of the Venue. The low-tyre profile gives it a premium and an appealing look.

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