Ather 450X Vs Ola S1 Pro Electric Scooter – Video

The Ather 450X is one of the most sorted offerings in the Indian EV space and offers impressive performance, a good-looking design, great dynamics, and commendable quality levels. The scooter now faces stiff competition in the market now as the rivals like the new Ola S1 Pro and the Simple One promise to offer a strong package to the buyers. Here is a detailed Ather 450X Vs Ola S1 Pro Electric scooter comparison that helps us understand which one will be a better choice for you right now.

For starters, the new Ather 450X offers a complete package to the buyers and boasts much better quality levels, fit-finish levels, and dynamics when compared to the Ola. Additionally, it’s been a while since Ather first stepped into the EV space and has a decent network across the nation. The waiting periods too are not as high as the Ola and these scooters are now readily available for the buyers. What you will also appreciate are the fit and finish levels and the way the Ather 450X looks. The attention to detail is impressive and this electric scooter does justify the premium at which it is sold at.

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The Ola S1 Pro on the other hand offers a better range, a subtle design language, similar performance, and slightly better capabilities. While the Ather 450X feels young and energetic, the S1 Pro offers a well-rounded package. However, with the production issues and long waiting periods that we are seeing right now, it still may not be the best choice for the buyers. The after-sales support network too is at an initial stage right now and the current owners are reporting a long list of issues with these electric scooters in India. Hence, if you are planning to buy an electric scooter in India in the next 6-10 months, the Ather 450X definitely seems to be a better and more practical option.

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