2022 TVS iQube Vs Ather 450X – Price, Range, Performance, And More!

The Ather 450X rival TVS iQube 2022 is now available in three trim options that offer improved practicality and flexibility to the buyers.

With the launch of the new 2022 TVS iQube in India, the buyers now have an option to buy a fast, reliable, practical, and feature-rich electric scooter in India. With the rivals like the Ola S1 Pro, Bajaj Chetak, and the Ather 450X already in the market, the new TVS iQube faces stiff competition in the Indian market. Here is a detailed 2022 TVS iQube Vs Ather 450X comparison that will help you know more details about these scooters.

2022 TVS iQube Vs Ather 450X Performance

The new TVQ iQube gets a hub-mounted motor that has a rated peak output of 4.4kW while the maximum torque output on the other hand stands at 33Nm. The iQube is currently one of the fastest scooters that we have in the market and has a claimed top speed of 78 kmph and 82 kmph for the S and the ST variant respectively. In all, the riding experience offered by the TVS iQube is impressive and multiple riding modes further help enhance the real-life practicality.

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The 2022 Ather 450X on the hand boasts a more powerful, 6.4kW motor that offers impressive initial acceleration. Unlike the iQube, the Ather 450X offers a rated torque output of 26Nm. In all, both these scooters offer great performance but it is the Ather 450X that feels more agile and energetic, all thanks to its lighter build and compact footprint. The new 2022 TVS iQube on the other hand offers a more mature setup and boasts an impressive combination of dynamics, practicality, and comfort.

2022 TVS iQube2022 Ather 450X
Peak Motor Output4.4kW6.4kW
Continuous Motor Output3kW3.3kW
Rated Torque33Nm26Nm
Top Speed78kmph (iQube S)
82kmph (iQube ST)

2022 TVS iQube Vs Ather 450X Range, Battery, Charging

With the launch of the new 2022 TVS iQube electric scooter in India, the brand is now offering multiple options to buyers in terms of battery capacity, real-life range, and charging options. For starters, while the TVS iQube S battery capacity stands at 3.04kWh, the ST variant gets a larger 4.56kWh battery pack. Similarly, the 2022 TVS iQube S range is claimed to be 100km. The iQube ST range on the other hand is claimed to be 145km.

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The ATher 450X is offered with a single battery pack and charging option. To start with, this electric scooter is offered with a 2.9kWh battery pack that offers a real-life range of around 90kms in the Eco mode. The standard home charger takes around 3hs and 35mins to charge the Ather 450X from 0% to 80%.

2022 TVS iQube2022 Ather 450X
Battery Capacity3.04kWh (iQube S)
4.56kWh (iQube ST)
Claimed Range100 km (iQube S)
145 km (iQube ST)
Charging Time 0-80% in 4.5hrs (650W)
0-80% in 2.5hrs (1.5kW)
0-80% in 3hrs 35min
(home charger)

Design and Dimensions

The new TVS iQube is offered with an elegant design language that not only looks good but also commands a strong road presence. In addition to this, the scooter also boasts a larger footprint while a number of colour options are being offered with the new iQube. You can check more details here. In all, the iQube is a smart looking scooter and boasts commendable quality levels while offering the buyers a good looking and reliable package.

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While the iQube is all about elegance and smartness, the Ather 450X on the other hand offers a youthful, sporty, and energetic design that helps it appeal to those looking for a fast, fresh, and bold electric scooter in India. A compact footprint, light kerb weight, and aggressive design cues help the Ather 450X command a sportier road presence. More details are mentioned below in the table:

2022 TVS iQubeAther 450X
Seat Height770mm780mm
Ground Clearance157mm
Weight117.2kg (Base)
118.8kg (S)
128kg (ST)
Suspension Telescopic Fork (Front)
Hydraulic Shocks (Rear)
Telescopic Fork (Front)
Monoshock (Rear)
Tyres90/90 R1290/90 R12
Storage17L (Base, S)
32L (ST)

2022 TVS iQube Vs Ather 450X Price

2022 TVS iQubeAther 450X
Starting PriceRs 98,564 (on-road, Delhi) (Base)
Rs 1.08 lakh (on-road, Delhi) (S)
Rs 1.38 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi)

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Final Verdict

In all, while the Ather 450X is a great scooter for anyone looking for a fast, sporty, and fun to drive electric scooter, it is the new 2022 TVS iQube that offers a more practical package to the buyers. The iQube not only offers flexibility to opt for the right specs and capabilities, but in addition to this, also offers a more mature styling, better comfort levels, and a wider after-sales network. In addition to this, the iQube is also a lot more affordable than the Ather 450X and boasts a much better real-life range. In all, these factors help the new 2022 TVS iQube have an edge over the Ather 450X.

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